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What the Audience Thinks

"Brutally honest... yet brimming with levity."

I went to see this as the description was very mirroring of my own experiences with the recent passing of my own dad.

I was extremely impressed with this young, brave, and talented first timer at the Fringe. Storytelling interspliced with self-composed piano & vocals. I was shocked at the parallels with my experience, and very moved at the creator's rendering of his own in this solo musical just a year after the death.

It was brutally honest, dealing with tragic human stories, yet brimming with levity throughout.

I chatted to him afterward, and bought him a beer. A very sincere, sweet guy, with much integrity. He & his dad were Turkish, I and my dad were Cypriot...despite the ancestral feuding - we came together in shared humanity

This show shall not disappoint!

Pascal Michael

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